Monday, April 27, 2009

We have decided to submit this to any where that will take pet pictures. I think it could win any contest. What a pretty cat you are Roxy! Today we celebrated Adams 27th birthday. He is getting so old and has a few gray hairs to prove it. Tomorrow we will have our 3rd anniversary.
To follow up on the work outs we got sick the last two weeks of the 90 day program so our results are a little skewed. Pictures will only be taken when I feel picture worthy.
We are very busy preparing fot the end of the school year, going to Prague in a week and a half and then we will drive Adam up to Boise for an internship at Oaas Laney. I hope to fly up there every other weekend.

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Marnie Strasser said...

Cali told me all about this picture! HAHAHA! You are hilarious!