Monday, April 27, 2009

We have decided to submit this to any where that will take pet pictures. I think it could win any contest. What a pretty cat you are Roxy! Today we celebrated Adams 27th birthday. He is getting so old and has a few gray hairs to prove it. Tomorrow we will have our 3rd anniversary.
To follow up on the work outs we got sick the last two weeks of the 90 day program so our results are a little skewed. Pictures will only be taken when I feel picture worthy.
We are very busy preparing fot the end of the school year, going to Prague in a week and a half and then we will drive Adam up to Boise for an internship at Oaas Laney. I hope to fly up there every other weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is Adam. Tiff and I are still trying to be better about writing in this blog more regularly.

In our last post we mentioned our new work out program. So far things are going well. We have about 3 1/2 weeks left and things are looking good. I have lost about 12 lbs and Tiff looks smokin! (she has always been in shape though.)

We have been having some nice weather down here in Texas. Highs lately have been around 80! It's my spring break right now and I have been reading a book for school. Yesterday I went and laid by the pool for an hour and got a lot of reading done. It was nice just to be outside and feel the warmth.

I am still looking for an internship for the summer, so if anyone has anything in mind I am all ears.

We have a new video of Roxy to show ya'll. She is a pretty entertaining cat. She does some weird stuff sometimes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Time Flys

It has been quite awhile since we have written on this blog (seeing how we have only written one post).

There haven't been to many big changes in our life since the first post that we made. I am still hunting for an internship, so if anyone knows of any companies hiring for a marketing or finance guy then let me know.

The biggest change recently has been the workout program the Tiff and I have started. We decided it was time to get into shape. Actually for Tiff it was to get back into shape, and for me it was to actually get in shape for the first time in my life (I have horrible eating habits).

So we started a program called P90X. Some of you may have seen the infomercials on TV. It is a pretty intense workout. I am also eating a lot healthier. No more fast food and grease crap (although everytime I drive by a Wendy's it takes everything I have not to pull in and grab a JBC). For breakfasts I am eating veggie sausage patties and whole wheat english muffins. I gotta say I never would have though I would eat that. To be quite honest with you it is pretty freakin good. I actually crave it now. Go figure. The program is a 90 day program. So far in the first 30 days I have lost 8-10 lbs and am starting to see some definition in the midsection. Haven't seen that ever.

At the end of the 90 days we will most likely be posting some before and after pictures. Stay tuned for that!

Other than that not much else has gone on. I am staying plenty busy with school and Tiff is working hard as ever. She is amazing! I certainly wouldn't be doing half the things I am right now if it weren't for her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Howdy Ya'll!

Well, here we are! We thought since everyone else was creating a blog we might as well jump on and follow the crowd. In all honesty we have enjoyed viewing others blogs and we thought since we now live in Fort Worth, TX it would be a great way to keep people updated on what's going on in our lives.

We have been slowly adjusting to life in Texas. It is a great place but the summer was awful. It is hotter than Hell down here. Thankfully we didn't have to endure all of it. We moved here from Salt Lake City, on the 11th of August 2008. I am attending the full-time MBA program at Texas Christian University (TCU), and my wife Tiffany works as a Dental Hygienist.

We don't have any kids yet, only a cat named Roxy. The order of heirarchy in our household goes Tiffany, Roxy, and then me. Yes that is right I am on the bottom, hence the web address.

While we are here in Texas we thought that we would enjoy what it has to offer. So we have decided to attend every sporting event that we can. This includes baseball with the Texas Rangers, basketball with the Dallas Mavericks, football with the Dallas Cowboys, hockey with the Dallas Stars, and last but certainly not least NASCAR at the Texas Motor Speedway! That's right we thought we would get in touch with our redneck side (if your a strasser you know what that means).